Having completed his architectural education at the Faculty of Architecture at METU in 2010, he began working in the same year. He has worked as the construction supervisor in corporate sector structures such as mass housing abroad, and industry, banking, chain markets and shopping malls nationally. After 2015, he took part in usually public projects on transportation and accessibility. He has participated in and received awards in national architectural project competitions.

Currently, he continues architectural project, space design and application management by merging his construction and design experience.

He continues to teach at TED University, Department of Architecture.



Ahmet Ünveren graduated from the METU Department of Architecture in 2010 and completed his graduate studies at Istanbul Bilgi University. He has won various national and international awards for his works in the fields of architecture, art, interior architecture and urban design.


Aside from strictly architectural projects, he also works in the augmented reality, virtual reality, and digital art fields.


He continues to teach at Bilkent University, Department of Architecture.